We will have on offer 7 unjoined females
at the National Female Sale, Gympie
March 9th, 2019
- more to come

We welcome 3 new sires in 2018,
pictured below is $40,000
purchase Clonlara 17210.
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Paddock bulls now available
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6 Bulls sold at the Bunya Bull Sale (1 Sept, 2018)
Average $11,166 topping at $16,000.

13 VV bulls sold to avg $11,462,
top of $20,000 with VV Apollo 2 (below)
2 VVM bulls sold for $10,000 each.


'Genetic Success'
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What Our Buyers Are Saying....

"Vale View genetics offer traits that are critically important to us as commercial breeders such as temperamet, fertility & doing ability. We have watched Vale View cattle perform on several types of country through a range of seasons & have been inpressed with their resilience & productive capacity."

Richard & Sara Cox - Cracow Station (Vale View cattle were leased here for over 6 yrs)


"We have been buying Vale View genetics for a number of years now, initially from the DN Sale and the CQ Spring Classic Sale but most recently at the annual Performance Plus Sale. We have found the Vale View cattle to adapt and perform well and are always extremely easy to handle both in the yards and out in the paddock. PTIC results this year to Vale View bulls have been over 90%. The temperament of all the cattle that we have bought over the years has been impeccable and the amount of information that is available about each and every one of the Vale View cattle gives you confidence in buying their genetics and is evidence of the depth of breeding in their herd. Dave and Colleen have taken a genuine interest in our operation and have personally delivered bulls that we have bought to our property. It has been a pleasure doing business with Vale View."

Kevin & Leesa Woolcock - Mostyndale Stud - commercial & stud breeders selling direct to meatworks either as PCAS or grainfeed in own feedlot.


"We’ve enjoyed an association with Vale View since the early 2000s, when, as a very new small-scale operation we proudly purchased approx. 15 surplus VV cows to bolster our small herd. Such was the quality we came back again & again as soon as circumstances permitted.  Now running nearly 100 breeders, we approach Dave & Colleen almost every year seeking surplus VV heifers, looking to continue improving our line with the exceptional breeding they offer.  Joining our heifers & cows with quality bulls, we regularly experience a pleasing drop of calves, with great characteristics carried through.  The cows have shown to be dedicated mothers with good milk, consistently turning off well-grown calves at weaning, showing good muscling & great temperaments both in the yards & in the paddock.  As a family-run operation, cattle temperament is one of our key desirable traits; we need top performing, well-behaved cows who tolerate regular handing without jeopardising productivity. Vale View cows tick all the boxes.  We’ve enjoyed a strong buyer interest in our great-looking, well-muscled weaners once they’re ready to turn off & we’re proud to say those popular characteristics are largely drawn from their excellent VV heritage."

Will & Jo Garrett; Jerry Creek Ginger & commercial cattle operation running close to 100 breeders, turning off vealers to saleyards.

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